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Friday, January 27, 2023

Fact Sheet: Bergrohr and the Islamic Republic of Iran

“Bergrohr is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of large diameter steel pipes for highly sophisticated applications. This covers the development of energy infrastructures like oil-, gas- and water pipelines and chemical process units.” [1] Thus, Bergrohr products are specialized goods – Bergrohr speaks of „niche business” [2] – that cannot be replaced easily in the same quality by other manufacturers, e.g. from China.

The reference database on the Bergrohr website, which does not have to be complete, includes 58 projects in Iran, ranging from the development of oil and gas fields, e.g. the biggest gas field in the world South Pars, to refineries, pipelines and power plants. [3] The biggest part of them (42) are deals with state companies of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Among the business partners are the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) with 10 projects, the National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC) with 17 projects and the National Iranian Petrochemical Company (NPC) with one project. All three named companies are under control of the Iranian Ministry of Petroleum. [4]

Also the Abadan Oil Refinery Company (one project), the Esfahan Petrochemical Company (one project), the Iranian Gas Transmission Company (IGTC, two projects), the JAM Petrochemical Co. (four projects), Marun Petrochemical Company (one project, together with Linde), Mobin Petrochemical Company (one project), Pars Petrochemical Company (one projects) and the Petrochemical Industries Development Management Co. (PIDMCO, two projects) are companies with ties to the Iranian Ministry of Petroleum. [5] The Arya Sasol Polymer Company (one project) is a joint venture with Iranian state participation.[6]

The biggest part of Bergrohr’s Iran business relates the energy sector, the economic foundation of the Iranian regime. Iran owns the third biggest oil reserves and the second biggest gas reserves of the world. Revenues from the energy sector made up nearly 50% of the state budget and 80% of the export income in 2009/2010. [7]

The energy sector is at the same time the Achilles’ heel of the regime, that for it is in the center of the international sanction efforts. Aditionally to the UN sanctions the USA, the EU, Canada, South Korea and Japan have issued sanctions against deals that benefit the Iranian energy sector. [8] The EU sanctions don’t include deals that have been made before July 26, 2010, and which may take years to be concluded. [9]

The Islamic Republic of Iran is the only country in which Bergrohr runs a representative office. [10] The representation in Tehran is run by Dr. Ali Ghazanfari. [11]

Dr. Ali Ghazanfari is vice president of the German-Iranian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DIIHK) [12], which says it has “about 200 members and is one of the biggest pillars of the bilateral trade relations between the two countries.” [13] The Bergrohr employee Dr. Ali Ghazanfari thus forcefully promotes the German-Iranian in his work for the DIIHK, and he regularly speaks out against sanctions in the media. [14]

[3] [Checked on Jan. 7, 2011. The database includes nearly no new entries about Bergrohr’s worldwide projects since the end of 2008.]
[7] Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Annual Review 1388 (2009 / 2010), p. 15 and 18. (
[8] Overwiew of the international sanctions:
[9] EU regulation 961 / 2010, article 10.
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Regarding the activites of German chambers of commerce promoting business with Iran see also:
[14] "Politically this embargo has no effects", says Dr. Ali Ghazanfari, vice president of the German-Iranian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DIIHK). "Why does Germany push itself to the fore so far regarding sanctions, despite being one of the biggest trade partners of Iran?" (Gerrit, Wustmann, "Das Embargo bringt gar nichts", Telepolis, July 18, 2010, Gerrit Wustmann is together with Ghazanfari editor of a German-Iranian lyrics edition.


Protest and event in Siegen

"No deals with the Iranian Regime!"

On Saturday, January 22, 2011, 2.00 pm, the pro-Israel-Initiative "NEVERAGAIN" and the campaign STOP THE BOMB call for a protest rally against the Iran business of the Bergrohr GmbH in Siegen. The rally will take place in Siegen-Weidenau, Siegstr. 70 (Map). Please find the call for protests below, and there's also a facebook page for this event.

On the same day there will also be a

Lecture and discussion with Jonathan Weckerle (STOP THE BOMB, Berlin)

The event will take place on 7.30 pm in the Siegbergstr. 1 in Siegen (Map). Jonathan Weckerle will speak about the German-Iranian relations, the situation in Iran and the threat to Israel.

Call for protests:

On January 22, 2011 the Pro-Israel Initiative „NEVERAGAIN“ and the campaign STOP THE BOMB call for a protest in front of the Bergrohr GmbH in Siegen (Germany). Our protest is aimed against a company that supports the inhuman regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran so openly and directly like only few others. Bergrohr delivers its specialized pipes preferably direct to Iranian state companies, not fewer than 42 such projects are proudly listed as “references” on its website, the whole Iran business is likely to be far bigger. Bergrohr supports mainly projects in Iran’s oil and gas sector, which accounts for 50% of the state budget and 80% of the export revenues of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Bergrohr thus adds to the support of the regime, the revenues made with the help of Bergrohr are going to the Iranian repressive apparatus, to the torture and execution institutions, to the nuclear and missile program and the support of Islamist terror worldwide. Additionally the Iranian Bergrohr manager Dr. Ali Ghazanfari is vice-president of the German-Iranian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in this function he promotes German business with the Iranian regime and publicly speaks out against sanctions.

We will protest against this scandalous support of the Iranian regime on January 22 with the slogan “No deals with the Iranian regime!” We will especially show our solidarity with Israel, the Jewish state threatened by the nuclear program of the anti-Semitic and holocaust denying regime in Teheran, and with the Iranian freedom movement, that despite bloody repression and terror bravely fights the illegitimate and dictatorial regime. Because of the latest developments, we will also call for the immediate freeing of the political prisoners in Iran, including the two German journalists Marcus Hellwig and Jens Koch, who are imprisoned together with many Iranian human rights activists and members of the opposition.

Free Iran Now!

Solidarity with Israel!

No deals with the Iranian Regime!


Fact Sheet: Bergrohr and the Islamic Republic of Iran


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