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Tuesday, December 07, 2021

Protest against a workshop of the German-Iranian Chamber of Commerce in Hamburg

STOP THE BOMB Hamburg, 27 November 2008

Members of the German-Israeli Friendship Society, of the campaign STOP THE BOMB and of the Hamburger Studienbibliothek, a Hamburg-based political group combating anti-Semitism, demonstrated this morning with leaflets and banners against a workshop of the German-Iranian Chamber of Commerce.

Due to fear of protests the workshop under the title "Iran sanctions and practical implications for German firms" at short notice was relocated to the Atlantic Hotel Kempinski. The protests criticized the workshop that was dedicated to support the »success of business in Iran«. Andreas Benl, speaker of the Hamburg section of the STOP THE BOMB campaign, explained: »The organizers want to convey the necessary know-how to business people who are interested in investing in Iran in spite of the sanctions. They want to improve business relations with the Iranian dictatorship and make them more profitable than they already are. In this way they are supporting a regime, that brutally represses women and minorities and works on the construction of an atomic bomb, with which the threat to destroy Israel could become reality.« One of the speakers is a representative of the Iranian bank Melli. This bank is in possession of the Iranian regime and is on the EU sanctions list since June 2008. To be engaged in business with companies like this bank means to directly support the dictatorship and to provide it with foreign currency that is needed for the continuation of the atomic program. Representatives of the hotel Kempinski, when confronted with these facts by the demonstrators saw no cause to distance themselves from their paying guests.

Benl added: »While the chancellor and the German Bundestag criticize the Iranian annihilation threats wordily, Germany at the same time is the biggest Western trading partner of Iran. In spite of widening the business relations it is necessary to finally isolate the Iranian regime politically and economically in an effective way – before it is too late for Israel!“ STOP THE BOMB demands the stop of the Hermes credit guarantees for exports to Iran and is calling for effective and comprehensive sanctions on a national, EU- and UN level. As long as sanctions are not implemented, STOP THE BOMB will, according to Benl, continue with the protests to disturb the pleasure of German entrepreneurs in their murderous business.


Please find a schedule of the workshop here.
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