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Saturday, December 09, 2023

Protest against meeting of the German-Iranian Chamber of Commerce

STOP THE BOMB Hamburg, 10 July 2009

The »STOP THE BOMB«-coalition in Hamburg protests against the event on Iran-exports by the Hamburg Chamber of Crafts scheduled for Monday, July 13. On the occasion of the seminar on “import and export-certification for the Iran-business”, organized by the German-Iranian Chamber of Commerce (DIHKeV), there will be a protest manifestation at 8.30 a.m. in front of the Chamber of Crafts-building at Holstenwall 12.

Andreas Benl, speaker of »STOP THE BOMB Hamburg«, declares: »That the lobbyists of the German trade with Iran continue with their business in full peace of mind, while the regime that they supply brutally breaks down the Iranian protest movement is an unbelievable scandal.” According to Benl this counted all the more as German economy was directly involved in the oppression within Iran: “The regime uses surveillance technology from Siemens as well as electric batons ‘made in Germany’.”

Especially the activities of the German-Iranian Chamber of Commerce repeatedly been met with strong criticism at home and abroad. Just last year in November the private organization held a seminar at the Hamburg Kempinsky Hotel on how to do export business with Iran successfully despite sanctions. Among other newspapers the Jerusalem Post and the Wall Street Journal reported on this event. One of the invited speakers was a representative of the Melli bank, on which the EU has imposed sanctions. Also the latest statements by the Tehran representative of the DIHKeV, Daniel Bernbeck, stating despite the suppression of the protest movement he didn’t have “moral problems” doing business with Iran, caused international outrage.

For a long time the »STOP THE BOMB«-coalition has been demanding that exports to Iran should be restricted. Benl: “Germany is the by far most important Western trade partner of Iran. Sharp sanctions against the theocracy, as demanded by Iranian opposition groups, could severely weaken the regime. But no matter if the Mullahs beat down the population or threat Israel with annihilation – the consequences are nothing but empty words!”


You can find the call for protests here (sorry, only German). We would appreciate reports in your media. »STOP THE BOMB« is a non-partisan coalition founded because of the threat through the Iranian nuclear program. Its petition has been signed by many politicians and other personalities. In Hamburg »Stop the Bomb«has amongst others protested against the seminar of the German-Iranian Chamber of Commerce in November and participated in the demonstration “Hamburg for Israel”.

Find a news agency text with more statements here (German).