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Sunday, September 25, 2022


Ralley in front of the NUMOV building
The venue of the conference was kept secret
Conference venue: Westin Grand Hotel
Protest in the lobby of Westin Grand


Protest Rally against German-Iranian Business Conference
of NUMOV (Nah- und Mittelost-Verein)

Tuesday April 8th, 2014, 9:30 a.m.
Jägerstraße 63d, 10117 Berlin-Mitte

The Near and Middle East Association (NUMOV ) organizes a “German - Iranian Business Conference", which will take place on Tuesday, April 8, 2014 in Berlin. NUMOV was founded in 1934, and is the biggest organization for German trade in the region. (Program - PDF)

German companies use the fatal Geneva nuclear deal to expand its trade with Iran, in spite of the fact that the nuclear program in Iran is not dismantled.
The rising trade between Iran and Germany takes away the pressure from the regime and makes a nuclear bomb in the hands of the mullahs more likely.

The NUMOV conference contributes to the appeasement towards the Iranian regime. Back in its first decade, founding members like IG Farben and Siemens profited from the National Socialist regime. Today, NUMOV – with its honorary chairman Gerhard Schröder (ex chancellor of Germany) – is celebrating trade relations with an anti-Semitic Iranian regime. For this conference, NUMOV invites high ranking Iranian politicians – the industry minister Mohammad Reza Nematzadeh and Akbar Turkan, an adviser to the Iranian president Rohani - to intensify the cooperation.

While at the conference in Berlin new deals will be completed, Iranian Revolutionary Guards are killing thousands of people in Syria with the help of Tehran's ally Hezbollah. Iran’s terrorist foreign policy has not changed under Rouhani, and even the recent discovery of arms transfers to terrorists by the Iranian regime, thwarted by the Israeli navy, does not besmirch the new enthusiasm for Rouhani’s government.

Religious leader Chamenei denounces Israel to be a "cancer", Pasdaran-General Hossein Salami recently announced, Iran would have the “finger on the trigger" and would be ready to "destroy the Zionist regime" at any time. But this does not stop German managers from expanding its transactions with Iran.

The dramatic increase of executions in Iran also does not have any impact on the decisions of German businessmen and does not hinder them to court Iranian politicians as partners. The number of executions has increased dramatically since Rouhani came to power. Democratic forces, women and homosexuals are suppressed and threatened with executions. Nevertheless, the desire for any trade-off with Tehran, no matter how bad this trade off should be, remains strong.

Events such as the NUMOV Business Conference strengthen the Iranian regime and force Israel to make a decision between two bad options: to act against the nuclear program independently or to live under the threat of an Iranian bomb.

The pressure on the Iranian regime has to be increased, and the opposition in Iran and in exile must be supported.

No deals with the Iranian regime!
No support for terror, dictatorship, Islamism and anti-Semitism!
For a secular and democratic Iran!
STOP THE BOMB will protest against the NUMOV conference: Tuesday, April 8, 2014, 9:30 a.m.

NUMOV, Jägerstraße 63d, 10117 Berlin.

This rally is supported by: Jusos Berlin, Junge Union Berlin, LAK Shalom Berlin, Green Party of Iran, AA:B, Antideutsche Aktion Berlin (ADAB).