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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Protests against "Europe-Iran-Forum" in London

The coalition STOP THE BOMB protests against the „1st Europe-Iran Forum“ on October 15-16 in London, which has the aim to promote trade with Iran.

However, there is no reason to reduce sanctions now: The nuclear talks with the regime falter, a new antisemitic conference in Tehran just ended, supreme leader Chamenei agitates on Twitter against homosexuals, the 26 year old Reyhanneh Jabbari faces the death penaly like many other prisoners in Iran. The Iranian regime is also responsible for the destabilization of Iraq and Syria.

However, the conference in London is supported by the renowned French think tank IFRI. Please support our efforts and write to Ifri's president Thierry de Montbrial, and ask him to revoke Ifri's support for the conference.

Support our efforts and also write to Ifri!,,,,,,,,,,,,,



No deals with the Iranian Regime!

Dear Thierry de Montbrial,
dear representatives of Ifri,

You are supporting the London 1st Europe-Iran Forum on October 15th and 16th, which is promoted by the Chief of Staff of Iranian president Rohani.

This congress takes place while nuclear talks with the Iranian regime falter, thereby undermining the western negotiation effort. The nature of this event follows the Iranian strategy to split the western position. While the Iranian regime clings to its nuclear program, the Forum is used to weaken and eventually dissolve sanctions.

President Rohani is certainly no reformer, but the wicked grin of terror: Executions have been on the rise during his presidency. Homosexuals are persecuted and subject to the death penalty. The State of Israel is being threatened with annihilation, while Ali Khamenei, Supreme Leader of Iran, continues to deny the Holocaust to this day.

The regime bears responsibility for the prolonged destabilization and interference in Iraq and Syria and thereby for the rise of IS terrorism. Iranian revolutionary guards and Iranian sponsored Hezbollah terrorists wreak as much havoc among the civilian population of Syria and Iraq as their IS counterparts.

The scheduled Forum rewards Iran for its politics of terror. By participating you support its regime. Therefore, we ask you: Revoke your support for this conference!

STOP THE BOMB also called upon other participants not to support the conference:

  • Georges Malbrunot, Le Figaro
  • John Andrews, Economist
  • Jack Straw
  • Thomas Schulz, CEO FLSmidth
  • Sir Martin Sorrell, CEO WPP
  • Roxanne Zand, Sotheby’s
  • Charles Robertson, Renaissance Capital
  • Sifiso Dabengwa, MTN Group
  • Charles Hollis, FTI Consulting
  • Toby Iles, EIU
  • Marriott Grosvenor Square Hotel


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