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Friday, February 23, 2024


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Saturday 21. August 2021

Lectures by Stephan Grigat

Antisemitism of the regime | Iran under Raisi >>

Category: Frontpage, Frontpage Second, Events
Monday 24. August 2020

[Translate to en:] Covid-19 & das iranische Regime

[Translate to en:] Coronakrise & Antisemitismus im Iran >>

Category: Press Releases
Friday 22. May 2020

Khamenei’s threats against Israel must have consequences

STOP THE BOMB demands to break off relations with the Iranian regime on the occasion of “Quds Day” >>

Category: Press Releases
Thursday 23. May 2019

#NoQudsDay 2019

Rally June 1, Vienna: Together against every Antisemitism! >>

Category: Aktionen
Monday 30. April 2018

Lectures on Iranian regime in Germany (all in German)

Editor Stephan Grigat presents "Iran - Israel - Deutschland" vor >>

Category: Events
Monday 05. November 2018

STOP THE BOMB welcomes new US-sanctions against Iran

Press release, November 4, 2018 >>

Category: Press Releases
Thursday 13. September 2018

Rally: Stop Iranian state terrorism

Saturday, September 15, 2018, 2pm, Opernring Vienna >>

Category: Aktionen
Wednesday 27. June 2018


Rallies against Rouhani in Vienna, July 4 >>

Category: Aktionen
Monday 18. June 2018

Against Courting the Iranian Regime in Vienna

STOP THE BOMB reiterates criticism of Iranian President Rouhani's visit to Austria >>

Category: Press Releases
Monday 30. April 2018

No Quds Day in Vienna!

Discussion & Protest on June 6th & 9th  >>

Category: Aktionen
Wednesday 30. May 2018

Rouhani in Vienna in July?

Vienna (OTS), May 5, 2018 Das Bündnis STOP THE BOMB übt scharfe Kritik am geplante Österreich-Besuch des iranischen Präsidenten Hassan Rohani, der laut einem Bericht der „Presse“ am 4. Juli, kurz nach Beginn des... >>

Category: Press Releases
Thursday 07. September 2017

Buchpräsentation "Iran – Israel – Deutschland"

Antisemitismus, Außenhandel und Atomprogramm >>

Category: Events
Tuesday 15. May 2018

Grigat & Küntzel on Nuclear Deal (in German)

USA, Europe & the future of Iran-Business >>

Category: Press Releases
Tuesday 06. February 2018

7 February 2018: Letter to German Chancellor Angela Merkel

Category: News