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Friday, February 23, 2024

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STOP THE BOMB! Cut off trade with the Iranian regime! 

There is a risk of Iran having nuclear bombs in the foreseeable future. Despite the threats emanating from that regime, Germany remains Iran’s most important trading partner in the West. German companies are supporting the regime and undermining international efforts at sanctions to divert Iran from its aggressive course.

The goal of spreading the Islamic Revolution all over the world, the possession of long-range missiles, and the global support and arming of Islamist groups like Hezbollah are turning the Iranian nuclear program into a global threat. The Iranian bomb would clearly be an existential threat to Israel in particular because Iranian leaders such as Khomeini, Rafsanjani, and Ahmadinejad have repeatedly called for the annihilation of the Jewish State in inflammatory speeches since the Islamic Revolution in 1979.

Nuclear armament would strengthen the dictatorship within Iran as well. Student and union protests are systematically crushed; women are brutally repressed; and ethnic and religious minorities, gays and lesbians, as well as opponents to the regime, are all persecuted. Executions and torture—even of minors—are business as usual, and despotism, poverty and corruption are rampant. The numerous courageous protests and strikes in Iran show how dissatisfied broad segments of the population are.

To stop the Iranian bomb, the regime must be subjected to politically and economically targeted pressure. To date, Tehran has – partly with German support - successfully played for time. The German government has failed to apply sanctions on a national level and has blocked important international sanctions; German-Iranian business ties have not been effectively restricted but were partly even promoted. Verbal reprobation of the Iranian regime and declarations of solidarity for Israel must be followed by action.

Germany is especially well situated to critically increase the pressure on Iran because—despite assertions to the contrary—many industries in Iran are dependent on German technology imports. Yet instead, German-Iranian trade is flourishing. A leading example is Siemens, a corporation that has recently supplied the Iranian regime with surveillance technology, among other things. German corporations like Siemens, Daimler, Steiner SPG, ThyssenKrupp, Wirth, Linde, Lurgi and others, are active in power plant construction, infrastructure projects, and the Iranian energy sector, thereby supporting the Iranian regime in critical areas. Also, the memory of Nazism and in many cases their role as supporters and profiteers of Nazism should make German companies refrain from such activities.

Those who trade with the unpredictable Iranian regime are supporting the oppression of the Iranian people, international terrorism, the nuclear armament of Iran, anti-Semitic hate crimes, as well as Holocaust denial.

We call on German companies:

  • to stop all trade that supports the regime

We call on the German federal government:

  • to impose unilateral sanctions to stop such trade
  • to drive effective and comprehensive sanctions by the UN and the EU
  • to support all groups both in Iran and in exile that stand for human rights, individual freedom, gender equality and a secular democracy
  • to immediately ban Hezbollah

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