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Friday, February 23, 2024

The Iranian Atomic Programme

Memri: There is no Anti-Nuclear Weapons Fatwa By Supreme Leader Khamenei (April 2012)
An investigation by MEMRI reveals that no such fatwa ever existed or was ever published, and that media reports about it are nothing more than a propaganda ruse on the part of the Iranian regime apparatuses – in an attempt to deceive top U.S. administration officials and the others mentioned above.

Ten Reasons we know that Iran wants the bomb - Bruno Tertrais
On November 8, 2011 the IAEA published a damning indictment of the Iranian nuclear program. For the first time, the Agency describes in an extraordinarily detailed fashion (in a 14-page annex to the main report) all the weaponization activities conducted by Tehran that it is aware of.

Yossi Melman: The 3-minute video that may prove Iran's nuclear intentions
A highly secret video, produced by Iranian nuclear scientists, depicting a computerized simulation of the detonation of a warhead, most likely a nuclear one, was screened on February 26, 2008, in the headquarters of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Read more in Haaretz of 16 Oct. 2009.

Matthias Küntzel - "Why the Islamic Republic of Iran has no right to Nuclear Technology"
The problem is that Iran is bound by its own constitution to violate the treaty, which is why insisting that the NPT still confers any rights on Iran is not only politically absurd but also wrong from a purely legal point of view.

Frédéric Encel - "The Geopolitical Stakes of a Nuclear Iran"
An Iranian Bomb would lead to an arms race

U.S. now sees Iran as pursuing nuclear bomb
Little more than a year after U.S. spy agencies concluded that Iran had halted work on a nuclear weapon, the Obama administration has made it clear that it believes there is no question that Tehran is seeking the bomb.

Ephraim Asculai - "The Latest IAEA Report on Iran and the Options Facing the International Community" - Report of 2008