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Friday, January 27, 2023

STOP THE BOMB calls for EU to put Hezbollah on the terror-list

The campaign STOP THE BOMB is calling on the German Federal Government to ban Hezbollah since 2008. Hezbollah is supported by the Iranian regime. The terror attack in Burgas (Bulgaria), in which six people were murdered in July 2012 and several others were injured, directed the international attention to the antisemitic terror organization. The US State Department warned that Hezbollah can organize attacks in Europe at any time without warning. The Jerusalem Post reported on  September 24, 2012 that the German Federal Government is considering to outlaw Hezbollah. The campaign STOP THE BOMB urges the government to act immediately.


Background Information on Hezbollah

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Open letter of Hizbullah
Slightly abridged translation of "Nass al-Risala al-Maftuha allati wajahaha Hizballah ila-l-Mustad'afin fi Lubnan wa-l-Alam", published February 16, 1985 in al-Safir (Beirut)