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Friday, January 27, 2023

STOP THE BOMB demands: Revolutionary Guards in Germany on the Terror-List

Berlin, April 9, 2019

After the US government put the Iranian Revolutionary Guards on the terrorist list, the STOP THE BOMB campaign calls on the Federal Government to take equivalent steps.

Stop the Bomb spokeswoman Ulrike Becker said: "The US government has named the Iranian Revolutionary Guards as what they are: the main tool of the Iranian regime to spread terror internally and externally. The Federal Government's policy ignores terrorist organizations controlled by the Islamic Republic. This is a game with fire, because the regime intensified its terrorist activities in Europe, where governments rolled out the red carpet for the Iranian regime with the Nuclear Deal. A change of this policy is overdue. "

The Revolutionary Guards are referred to in the preamble to the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran of 1979 as an "ideological army", which is not only intended to defend national borders, but also to enforce the validity of divine law in the world through jihad. [1] Explicitly, the Revolutionary Guards are not defense forces. The Revolutionary Guards control the Iranian missile and nuclear program. The “Quds” brigades are responsible for the "export" of the revolution. This unit is conducting terrorist attacks worldwide. The name "Quds" (Arabic for Jerusalem) symbolizes the desire to destroy Israel. The brigades support Hezbollah in Lebanon, Hamas in the Gaza Strip, the Houthi militias in Yemen and hold the Assad regime in Syria with military support in power.

The Quds Brigades are also responsible for numerous murders of Iranian exiles. This unit also plans assassinations in Europe and Germany. An agent of the Quds Brigades spent a year spying on former SPD military commissioner and chairman of the German-Israeli society Reinhold Robbe as a potential target.

STOP THE BOMB also warns German companies about doing business with Iran. Becker continues, "Anyone doing business with Iran almost always supports the Revolutionary Guards, who control large sections of the Iranian economy."

[1] Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran:




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